Short films

Short film is alive! Short films are powerful, dynamic, innovative and surprising, and can tell as much as a feature film, in less time. They represent a wide range of cross-genre forms diverging from short fiction films to short animations and video clips. Shorts are flourishing on the Internet, digital video techniques have enlarged the access to the medium, short films can be seen introducing feature films in the cinemas and public attention is still growing. In short: Short film is alive!

March 12-16 2003, Cinema Kriterion and Cinema de Balie are the stage for the 4th International Short Film Festival of Amsterdam. In selecting films for the international competition our programmers focus on fresh and new quality films, disregarding genre, production quality or budget. Decisive aspects are the personal vision of the filmmaker in relation to social reality, cultural identity and esthetical innovation in image and sound, for in this era of mass media, globalisation and the allied impersonal uniformity of society these personal visions are extremely important. The best films are awarded the Shorts! Award and the Audience Award. On Saturday and Sunday, a special youth programme is screened, with films by filmmakers aged 10 to 19 (provided by Kunstweb, Kunstbende and Cultonline) and the Kidsfilms that are selected for the international competition.

Apart from the international competition, this edition offers DigiShorts!, a special programme at cinema De Balie, in the city centre of Amsterdam. Technological advancements like digital film and video have speeded up development in this variety of film into an entirely new genre. DigiShorts! consists of a two-day programme, in cooperation with the Balie, Park4DTV, Bellissima and others.

March 7th and 8th Shorts visits Rotterdam and Groningen for the screening of a preview programme. Friday Cinerama in Rotterdam (Westblaak 18) is the host, while on Saturday the screening at Images in Groningen (Poelestraat 30) is followed by a party at Vera (Oosterstraat 44).