eneral Information & Regulations
1. Programme conditions
Films wich satisfy all following conditions are eligible for entry :

films have been filmed and produced on 16mm and 35mm, combined with an optical or magnetic soundtrack, as well as video (VHS and Betacam)
films running time must be shorter than 30 minutes
films are submitted complete with English commentary or English dialoque, or in the original version with English subtitles
films have been created after 1999
Deadline for entries is 21 september 2001
Films may be submitted by official national or professional organisation, as well as independent producers or fimmakers. The festival organisation must have received the completed applicationforms together with VHS videocassette. The preview cassette should have English dialoque or subtitles. The following information must be provided :

A short synopsis in either English or Dutch
At least one filmstill (preferable in black and white)
List of filmcredits and a short biography of the maker
3. Entering expenses
There are no entry fees. Postal/shipping expenses of publicity material and preview cassettes to the festival are to be paid by the entrants, as well as the other expenses incurred, such as insurance etc. Preview cassettes and publicity material such as posters or stills will be returned only specified.

4. Selection
Pre-selection to the festival is at the discretion of the festival organisation, no correspondence will be entered into. The festival commits itself to decide on the selection before one month before screening. The announcement to the selected participants can either be established by phone, fax, letter or mail, no further contracts than these regulations will be made.

5. Authorisations
After official selection, the festival organisation has the right to:

Use one minute of film for broadcasting on national television
Use the publicity material to promote the festival
6. Dispatch of prints
The deadline for arrival of filmprints in Amsterdam is two days before screening. Prints arriving after this date cannot be quaranteed participation. We will get in touch with the contactperson as listed on the applicationform about the way of shopment and the exact shipping address. In addition, the sender will be asked to send a dispatch note to the fetsival-by airmail or by fax-indicating the date of shipment. A pro forma invoice must accompany the print mentioning the name of the sender, title of film, it’s size, length, number of reels and whether it’s in coulour or black and white.. The costs of the transport to the festival are for the sender. Except when other arrangements have been made by the organisation of Shorts Festival. Up to the arrival at our cinema, the films is the sender’s responsibility. The festival will return the films free of charge up to the airport of destination within four weeks after the festival has ended.

7. Insurance
The insurance for shipping films to and from the Netherlands is entirely the responsibility of the participants. Upon gainig possesion of the films , the Short Filmfestival organisation will only then assume limited responsibility, extending to the time that the festivalorganisation returned the film to Schiphol Airport. The definition of this limited responsibility only includes a refund of laboratory expenses for making a new print of the reel or reels damaged. The refund will be calculated according to the current Dutch laboratory prices. It does not extend to negatives, positives or any other type of filmcomponent. In case of faulty projection the festival cannot be held responsible for immaterial damage sufferd by the director, producer or distributor. Press kits, photo’s preview cassettes and other materials are not included in this limited insurance responisiblity. Participation of any film considered technically unfit for public screening may be refused.

8. General
The festival organisation’s decisions are final. Entry and participation implies unconditional acceptance of the regulations. In unspecified cases, the festival management will make a final decision. Entries preview cassettes, publicity and documentation material, as well as correspondene should be addressed to: Kriterion Cinema.

Roetersstraat 170
1018 WE Amsterdam, The Netherlamds.
Tel: # 31 20 7719912
fax: # 31 20 771993