Shorts! categories :

  • International competition 
    In which the selected films will compete for the Shorts! Award and the Audience Award. The programmers of the festival are looking for filmmakers who have the courage to be original and who are in search for innovative styles, stories and techniques.
  • ‘Le moment suprême’
    A special feature is the ‘3-minute film program’. Hereby we invite your students to make a short film, of no longer then 3 minutes, about the theme ‘Le moment suprême’. ‘Le moment suprême’ is a very short moment that differs for everybody and is therefore open for any kind of interpretation.
  • Digi-Shorts! 
    Is a program dedicated to filmmakers who publish their work in a digital format. Digital short films may be submitted via e-mail to, provided they don’t exceed the maximum file size of 50mb. It is also possible to send us a link to an FTP site where we can download the film, or to send us a CD-rom/DVD via snail mail. Either way, it is also necessary to fill out the online entry form on our website.
  • Children’s program
    Kriterion enjoys an outstanding reputation in the field of showing films for children. Trying to live up to these expectations, Shorts! wishes to give an overview of the most interesting short films for children.

Apart from the categories listed above which are open for all entries, Shorts! presents a program focusing on Dutch short film. This program is put together by Dutch public broadcaster NPS , which is known for bringing short film under the attention of a large TV-audience.